segunda-feira, 12 de setembro de 2011

F***ing Perfect

Sometimes I wonder:

I take care of the kid (my lovely and adorable child... love him to dead)
I take care of the hubby (that responsable man... sometimes I wish he would just gave himself body and soul to his family, as much as he does with his career!)
I take care of the kitties (other way... they would be dead by now)
I take care of the house (what I used to do during one morning... now I take 24hours a day and more...)

Question: Now who the fuck is supposed to take care of me?

Footnote: And he also suggests the arrival of a fish and plants!
Right, the next living creature to come around here (for me to care of)... Dies! Just warning!

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  1. Dreia eis uma pergunta que tens que fazer ao Zeus!


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